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A very unusual offseason for the Cleveland Browns jerseys grows only more unpredictable.

The team announced Tuesday that Paul DePodesta jersey is leaving his executive post with the New York Mets to become Cleveland’s chief strategy officer.

Answerable only to team owner Jimmy Haslam, DePodesta will sit above Sashi Brown, the newly anointed executive vice president of football operations. Per a release from the Browns, DePodesta will be tasked with “assessing and implementing best practices and strategies that will provide the organization with the comprehensive resources needed to make optimal decisions.”

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“We are fortunate to bring in Paul, an extremely talented, highly respected sports executive who will add a critical dimension to our front office,” Haslam said in the release. “His approach and ambition to find the best pathways for organizational success transcend one specific sport and his experience as a high level sports executive make him a terrific addition to the Cleveland Browns.”

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It’s a stunning hire on the surface.

DePodesta became known to many as a central figure in Michael Lewis’ book Moneyball, which chronicled the hiring of DePodesta by then-Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane to incorporate sabermetrics to build a low-budget, high-production roster.

Seen by many as an analytics guru, DePodesta went on to serve as general manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers before taking executive roles with the San Diego Padres and Mets. New York’s National League East title in 2015 made him the only MLB executive to win division titles with five different organizations.

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It’s a signing sure to draw snarky chuckles from football fans wondering what on earth the Browns are doing at this stage. From another angle, the combination of DePodesta and Brown form an intriguing combination of original thinkers atop a franchise that could use some original thinking. ESPN reported that DePodesta is expected to help the franchise in areas of player development, sports science and analytics.

Now both Bradford and Daniel will be expected to keep the seat warm until the “quarterback of the future” — presumably Wentz — is ready. Bradford is essentially in Philadelphia on a one-year deal. He could wind up being traded next offseason, with Daniel in place as the Eagles’ long-term backup.

While the Eagles have an enviable “problem” with too many quarterbacks, the Browns are still searching for one to believe in. Josh McCown and Robert Griffin III are in place in Cleveland. The Browns would not make this move if they were truly in love with both Goff and Wentz. Perhaps the Rams’ trade really did box in Cleveland. Silver reported the Browns preferred Goff, and his expected choice at No. 1 had them re-evaluating their options of this draft.

“These picks will play a major role in building our team for long-term sustained success,” said Sashi Brown, the Browns’ executive vice president of operations, in a statement. “We want to assemble a young nucleus of talented players and this trade positions us really well. There is a good depth of talent in the first round and we felt we could make a larger impact to our roster by adding more draft picks and that’s why we made the decision to trade down.”

Cleveland’s roster has so many problems that we can’t fault it for making a safe trade. The Browns still get the No. 8 overall pick this season, and pick up extra first-, second- and third-round picks. They very well might draft a quarterback later in this draft, and can continue to fill out their roster with extra picks over the next few years.

The Browns are just starting a full-scale rebuild and will try to improve their overall team first before finding their quarterback. The Eagles are pushing their chips on the table right now.